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Smoke/Heat/CO Alarms

Smoke AlarmThe fire service attend about 50,000 home fires around the country in a year which can result in averages of around 800 deaths and over 10,000 injuries. They maintain that many of these casualties could have been avoided completely if there was some sort of early warning system in place such as a smoke alarm.

An early warning system can give you a chance to escape the property or even intervene and put the fire out which will prevent significant damage to your home.

If you are a landlord or a business owner there are regulations that you need to be aware of and comply with so you will need to speak with a fire safety professional who is well versed in the law. As a home owner there are no regulations but that does not mean a smoke or heat alarm is any less important to the safety of yourself or your family.

A well maintained electrical system in your home can greatly reduce the chance of a fire occurring on which I am happy to advise but there are still other hazards that could lead to fire and so I can advise on the right detection system and and install it for you.

The minimum protection is one battery operated alarm on each floor of your house but if you have the inclination and the budget this can be greatly improved upon. Battery operated alarms are less reliable than hard wired alarms and they work independently of each other so if you have a large house or a lot going on you might not hear it.

I can hard wire smoke and heat detectors safely into your existing electrical system so that they work together – if one goes off, they all go off. I can advise what type of alarm is best for which area of the house and I can advise what you need for your minimum and maximum protection without trying to blind you with the science of it all. The hard wired alarm system comes with battery back up in case the power fails.

Carbon Monoxide Alarms

Around 50 people die each year of carbon monoxide poisoning. So long as your gas boiler, cooker or gas fire, solid fuel stove or open fire is properly maintained then there is little chance of this effecting you but if you have a leak, carbon monoxide builds up in the air. The gas is tasteless and odourless so it can kill quickly and without warning.

I can install CO alarms fully integrated with your hard wired smoke alarm in your home so you can relax with a peace of mind that you will not become a victim.

C R Lane Electrical

I am qualified with City & Guilds in electrical installations up to the latest edition of the wiring regulations and qualified with them too for inspection, testing and certification of electrical installations for your extra peace of mind.

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