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Electrician Rewiring

Electricity is constantly in use in our houses as we become increasingly reliant on it for comfort, entertainment, food, light and communication. Yet it remains largely out of sight and out of our minds as the wiring is mostly behind walls and under floors so we cannot see how quickly deterioration takes hold.

If electrical wiring is left to lose its integrity, it can become hazardous to your health, life, family or property which I do not wish to see happen. Faulty electrical wiring can cause fire or significant injury to anyone who comes into direct contact with it so the integrity of your electrical system at home or at work is vitally important.

So, How Do You Know If A Rewire Is Something We Need To Think About?

  • Electrical rewiringIt’s been 25 years since the last rewire or installation.
    Prevention is better than cure. If an electrical problem occurs you may lose your house or someone may get hurt so if you know that it has been over two decades since the last re-wire or installation you may want to call me for some advice.
  • Selling a house
    As above if you know it has been a long time you may decide you wish to rewire before selling for the best chance at the best value.
  • Buying a house
    If you have just bought a house it is a good time to inspect the condition of the electrical wiring and rewire if appropriate. The process may cause some upheaval so it is best to get this over and done with before you settle into your new home.
  • You’ve had a series of problems with your electrical supply
    Have you experienced a problem or a series of problems that could be indicative of a bigger issue? It is best not to sweep these things under the carpet. As explained above it is best to take electrical safety seriously. If you’ve had constantly tripping RCDs or numerous blown fuses, get a professional such as me in to take a closer look.
  • An electrical inspection highlights the need
    It’s an obvious one but if you are advised to do an electrical rewire by professionals such as myself then it is advised that you should take notice and get the job done.

Things To Consider While Planning A Rewire:

  • I offer down to earth and friendly advice and can be counted on to be straight with you.
  • Ensure that whoever you chose is professionally certified. I am qualified with City & Guilds in electrical installations up to the latest edition of the wiring regulations and qualified with them too for inspection, testing and certification of electrical installations for your extra peace of mind. Click here for my full list of qualifications.
  • If you find a cheaper quote than mine, find out why it is cheaper. This is not something to cut corners on.
  • Keep any certificates as a record for insurance purposes and for any future property sales.
  • Plan the job up front. A rewire is a good opportunity to extend the number of power outlets that you have around the home. Decide on this before the rewire begins bearing in mind that your electrical demand is only likely to grow.

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