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PAT Testing

Portable Appliance TestingPAT Testing is short for Portable Appliance Testing. As I have outlined on my Electrical Inspection page the fixed electrical installations need inspecting at certain times which is important to stick to, but our portable appliances are coming and going all the time. Many are being moved around a lot which increases the chance of damage.

Some portable appliances may be larger such as a washing machine so although they are not being moved around they still fall under the PAT testing requirements. What qualifies them as a portable appliance is that they have a plug on them and their wiring is not fixed into the electrical supply.

PAT testing is a legal requirement in certain circumstances but best practice for individuals is to always visually inspect any electrical equipment that you use. If there is any sign of damage in the cable, plug or device then you should not use it until the damage is fixed as there is an increased chance of you being harmed by electricity.

Who Needs PAT Testing?

  • Businesses and commercial premises must get a PAT Test done on all their appliances every year.
  • Although it is not a written law that landlords should specifically carry out PAT Tests, the law does state that the electrical equipment in the property must be safe. A PAT Test is the best way to do this and create written evidence that you have met this duty of care.

What Does A PAT Test Involve?

  • A PAT Test requires a competent person with training to perform a visual inspection of each appliance, the plug and the lead.
  • Class 1 equipment that relies on an earth for protection receives an earth continuity test and a signal injected in to the cable and appliance to test integrity.

You will receive:

  • A full report including appliance type, name, location, description and the result of the test.
  • An inventory of any failed appliances with details of how they failed.
  • A pass/fail label for each appliance with test date, next test due and signature.

C R Lane Electrical

I am a PAT testing professional. As well as extensive knowledge, qualifications and experience in fixed electrical systems I hold a City & Guilds 2377 for Portable Appliance Testing. I am friendly and informal and will ensure you understand everything being done and why it is being done and I will ensure you are in full understanding of the paperwork so that you are happy with what it all means.

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