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Inspection, Testing & Certification

Electrical InspectionIf you think about it for a moment, imagine what those innocuous wires that channel electricity around your house are actually doing all the time they are just lying there gathering dust. Imagine shrinking yourself down and stepping inside them and riding the hot, fiery, volatile, raging current around the house. Yet from the outside these wires are just an inconvenience that we prefer to be out of sight and out of mind. Out of site is fine and so long as you keep the entire system under periodic observation, then out of mind is acceptable for the rest of the time as well. If you do not keep an eye on it, like any other system, it can deteriorate with age and if it starts leaking people and property can end up getting badly hurt.

Periodic inspection and testing will ensure your safety and the integrity of the system as well as ensuring that the system is evolving at the rate of your power consumption within the household. As the years go by more and more appliances become part of our lives so our reliance on power increases which could one day overload an older system if it is not inspected once in a while.

What Will A Periodic Inspection Involve?

  • Find out if any parts of the system have become overloaded.
  • Check for any deterioration where there is risk of fire or electrical shock.
  • Identify any defective electrical work previously carried out.
  • Identify any lacking earthing or bonding.

After the inspection and testing you will receive an Electrical Condition Report and a schedule of circuits which is an important piece of paperwork for the property when it comes time to sell.

So hopefully you can see the value of such an inspection but you do not want to be organising them more often than you have to or leaving it too long between inspections.

How Often Do You Need An Electrical Inspection?

  • If you are an owner occupier then every 10 years is sufficient.
  • If you let a property out you should get it done every 5 years or every change of tenant.
  • One should be carried out every time a property changes hands.

Who Is Qualified To Carry Out Electrical Inspection And Certification?

This cannot be done yourself.

I am a Part P Approved contractor and I am registered with ELECSA for all electrical work in the home. I have an expert working knowledge of the UK Standard of electrical installations BS 7671 – Requirements of Electrical Installations IEE Wiring Regulations. I am qualified with City & Guilds in electrical installations up to the latest edition of the wiring regulations and qualified with them too for inspection, testing and certification of electrical installations for your extra peace of mind.

Transparency is important to me so you can trust in me to keep you informed of my findings and what needs doing in a way that you can understand and I am happy to start that process in advance over the phone if you would like to sound me out.

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