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Extra Lights & Sockets

Electrician Fitting Extra SocketsYou and your family are fluid beings, always learning and always changing. Society is the same, moving faster every year as far as new innovations go. The house however is an inanimate object and will not evolve with you as your needs change unless you take control and use your initiative.


Additional electrical sockets being installedAn overloaded socket can lead to a build up of heat that could cause a fire. If you have more appliances plugged in than are healthy for the electrical supply to that socket then you should install new sockets to ensure safety and the integrity of the appliances and your electrical system as a whole.

Sockets can also become damaged and need replacing. If you are not comfortable doing this then I am happy and available to do so for you. If you do do this yourself you can buy replacements from hardware shops but do not under any circumstances do any work without isolating the circuits buy switching them off at the fusebox and make sure you have a socket tester to double check this at the point of work.

Your power needs are likely to change and you need to be careful about overloading your sockets. There’s a website, “Electrical Safety First” that has a very easy to use online calculator that will tell you if you are in danger of overloading any of the sockets in your home or workplace. I’ve put it here on my site for you to play with.

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There are many different types of lighting for your home and whether your current lighting is old and tired and you are interested in a revamp or you wish to add more lights to the existing set up I can help you plan and install while maintaining the highest safety standards and aesthetics.

Changing your lighting is not only a safety or interior decorating consideration, with recent lighting and energy innovations it could have a real impact on your power consumption and energy bills.

C R Lane Electrical

I am qualified with City & Guilds in electrical installations up to the latest edition of the wiring regulations and qualified with them too for inspection, testing and certification of electrical installations for your extra peace of mind.

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