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DownlightsDownlights are increasingly popular as all the working parts are hidden above the ceiling so they look very neat and they can even provide invisible light sources from lower overhangs around the house. They can be great if you are finely attuned to the mood giving quality of light or you’d just like something a little different than the usual bulb hanging in the centre of the room and a lamp in the corner.

It does not have to be a painstaking process but it is not as simple as just adding new fittings to your existing circuits. There is a very good chance that the installation will require the altering of the existing or creation of new electrical circuits to feed power to the new lights. There are numerous safety considerations when doing this as well as insurance considerations and paperwork required when the time eventually arrives that you fancy a change of scenery.

Electrician fitting downlights in the ceilingDownlighting Installation Considerations

  • The installation of downlights in a bathroom is notifiable work under Part P of the Building Regulations and you should use a qualified and registered electrician such as myself.
  • Specialist knowledge is required especially for the kitchen and bathroom as there is a lot of moisture in these rooms and we all know the prickly relationship that electricity has with water. The height of your ceiling has some baring on what lights are most appropriate as well.
  • Then there is fire safety to consider.
    • Your ceiling is an important barrier that slows the spread of fire between the different floors so any holes cut in that barrier compromise the amount of time a fire may take to burn through it.
    • There are many types of downlights that are fire rated and designed to bridge that gap both aesthetically and practically so that your lighting can look exactly the way you want it to without compromising the safety of your family. These modern downlights are fitted with an intumescent strip that swells automatically if the heat rises to fill the gap and slow the spread of fire giving you more time to escape or put the fire out with minimal damage to your house.
    • You will notice that they are rated 30, 60 or 90 minutes and the ones you require will depend on the structure of your building and how many floors it has.
  • When choosing your downlights you will have the choice between halogen and LED so just bare in mind that LED are the far more energy efficient and long lasting alternative to halogen so well worth considering for practical reasons as well as with your electricity bill in mind.

C R Lane Electrical

I can take all of this off your mind. I am an ELECSA Registered Part P Approved contractor for electrical work in your home so I can guide you through the notification process, choosing the right lights and fittings for your efficiency and safety and for the maximum positive effect for the homeliness of your home.

With me you are in good hands as you are dealing with years of experience working with electricity and lighting and I am well practised at ensuring that you understand the ins and outs of the job without baffling you with jargon.

I am qualified with City & Guilds in electrical installations up to the latest edition of the wiring regulations and qualified with them too for inspection, testing and certification of electrical installations for your extra peace of mind.

If you have any questions please call me today for some advice. With CR Lane Electrical you know you are dealing with me myself and I am a pleasant temporary addition to your home for as long as the job requires me to be.

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